Washington's biggest event each year has nothing to do with policy

‘Nerd Prom': Where journalists party with sources

When someone asks what the most important event in Washington is every year, you’d hope that the answer would involve a key piece of civic action or an instance of Americans making their voices heard.
In reality, D.C’s biggest event is an altogether different affair -  a weeklong extravaganza of lavish parties where journalists rub shoulders with the very people they’re supposed to hold accountable.
It all leads up to one night in particular, the White House Correspondents Association Dinner, or as it has come to be known within insider circles — Nerd Prom.
As a reporter for Politico, Patrick Gavin used to cover those insiders. Now,  after 10 years of covering the dinner and Washington politics he’s made a documentary about the correspondents dinner, “Nerd Prom: Inside Washington’s Wildest Week”.
On this week’s podcast, DecodeDC goes inside Nerd Prom with Gavin to figure out what the dinner is really for.
Host Andrea Seabrook and producer Rachel Quester take you to the film’s premiere and speak with Gavin about the event he says Washington doesn’t want you to see.

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